Spectacular Visual Editor

See your popup come to life in a modern, web-based editor. Upload background images, add Markdown text blocks, position inputs for names and email addresses,  and accentuate with colorsborders, and over 650 fonts

Flexible Display Options

Set your popup to display automatically after a delay, when the visitor is about to leave the page (exit intent), when the visitor clicks a link or a button, or all of the above. Use the Test Page to make sure your popup looks and behaves exactly the way you want it.

Affordable Pricing

You're going to love our straightforward pricing:

  • Build and test popups for free -- many as you like.
  • When you're ready to install a popup on your website, you pay a $17 one-time fee. No monthly fees.
  • When you make changes to an installed popup, you do not have to re-install and you do not have to pay again. Nice, huh?

Don't pay recurring fees for a popup! Here's why:

Seth's Popup
& Others
1 month $17 $9
2 months $17 $18
3 months $17 $27
6 months $17 $54
12 months $17 $108
24 months $17 $216

Third Party Integrations

If your popup collects information, you can send it to one of the third party services we support. Connect your popup to the service right in the app, and then we'll handle all of the technical details for you.

Connect to AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ConvertKit,  MailChimp, and SendinBlue. If we don't yet support the third party service you need, please let us know.

Lots of Help

Get to know the editor with our in-app tour, and get inspired by our preset layoutscolor schemes, and font pairings.

Need help? Just click the in-app support button to open a chat window. We usually respond within a few minutes, and, if you step away, we'll catch up with you via email.

Website Platforms

Install our popups on any web site that allows you to add an HTML <script> tag. Originally built for Squarespace, we now also support GhostWeebly, and WordPress. Installation is easy, and we provide detailed instructions to guide you. 

Seth's Popup Creator does not yet support Shopify or Wix. Let us know if you'd like to see us hurry up with that!



"I'm so happy with our popup created in Seth's Popup Creator! I tried many popup creator sites, and Seth's was the only one that would let me truly create the popup I wanted. And the customer service is unbelievable!" - Kristen in New Jersey

"I thought I had to hire a programmer to make popups like this. And I love that there are no recurring fees." - Casey in Texas